Wednesday, February 28, 2007

[Coweta Arts Tidbits] Contemporary Artists Alliance Shuts Down

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 February 28, 2007
Contemporary Artists Alliance Shuts Down
      The Coweta arts scene has been burgeoning for some time now and is replete with many triumphs by Coweta artists and arts and cultural organizations.  So much is going on now that it is hard to keep up with it all.  But, the scene is not all rosy because occasionally there are some setbacks.  The most recent of these is the demise of the Contemporary Artists Alliance (CAA).
     For several years the CAA sponsored art shows at various venues, mostly in Carrollton.  It even ran its own gallery for a short time.  Not only did these shows provide opportunities for Coweta artists and those of other southside counties to exhibit their works, it encouraged the production of art for gallery display.  After a hiatus of inactivity, the next show planned was to be for works of photographic art.  This had to be delayed when several months ago CAA co-leader Ann Fay Rushforth moved out of Newnan and up to Smyrna.    This left only the other CAA co-leader, Deborah Landry, who was planning to resume CAA functions soon.  But then Landry recently announced that she is shutting down CAA because she will soon by moving out of state, and there is no one to carry it on. 
     Fortunately, though, due to the time lag involved, there are still more art works of theirs to be seen around here:  there will soon be two opportunities to see Rushforth's art work and three opportunities to see Landry's.  Rushforth will be among the artists displaying paintings at the Georgia Mosaic art exhibit at the Carrollton Cultural Arts Center from March 2 through April 13.  And her reredos mural for the St. Paul Episcopal Church in Roscoe will soon be finished.  There will soon be announcments about two public art works by Landry (in Carrollton and Fairburn) and about her show at t he Mason Murer Gallery in Atlanta. 

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