Tuesday, April 29, 2008

[Coweta Arts Tidbits] Godin Family at Grantville Gospel Sing for May

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April 28, 2008
Grantville Gospel Sing For May To Be Held in Moreland
Godin Family To Perform Under The Trees at Emmanuel Baptist Church
     The monthly Grantville Southern Country Gospel Music Concerts which are customarily held in Grantville's renovated railroad freight depot have recently been performed at other venues. The next one will be held on Saturday May 17 at 6 PM under the trees at the Emmanuel Baptist Church at 336 Cline Road in Moreland, the town directly north of Grantville. An out-of-doors venue is especially appropriate for the Southern Country Gospel Music genre, and the Grantville Sings which have been held at under-the-trees locations have been enjoyed by both the audiences and the musicians.
     The performers at the May Sing will be the Godin family, who live near Valley, Alabama. The Godin family is quite interesting: Dan and Karen Godin have TWELVE -- Yes, TWELVE -- children, and all those old enough are among the performers. They mostly play on a variety of stringed instruments, including a very unusual super-narrow one called a Thrumstick. And Karen often plays a super-large bass fiddle that is taller than she is. Karen also entertains the audience by relating interesting anecdotes about God's special provisions for their needs and humorous situations which they have encountered as a family with 12 kids, such as trying to check into a motel.
     Information on Emmanuel Baptist Church is available at 770-253-6546 or 706-302-5311, and information about the Grantville Sings is available from their organizer Roy Smith at 770-251-5621 or depotsinging@yahoo.com,

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