Tuesday, February 05, 2008

[Coweta Arts Tidbits] Southside Arts Agenda Welcomes Dogwood Gallery

Southside Arts Agenda Welcomes Dogwood Theatre
The online news service Southside Arts Agenda has been doing a commendable job in publicising the arts scene south of Atlanta, including the Coweta scene. The current issue for this week is a good case in point. This is not the first issue in which a Coweta arts event was the first one to be covered. Here is what is said about the Dogwood Gallery in Tyrone and the art work of the new Senoia artist Jane Whitehurst, displayed there. Her painting Dog In Fog, shown below is one of the works which will be displayed in her show which will open there on February 22.
News About the ARTS in the Southern Crescent

Dog in Fog by Jane Whitehurst. Exhibit opening February 22 at the Dogwood Gallery & Framer.

We are pleased to welcome a new Contributing Member to the Southside ARTS Agenda! The Dogwood Gallery & Framer in Tyrone. Owned and managed by Jennifer and Greg Blair, it has brought another touch of refinement & elegance to the area. Located at the rear of the Legacy Theatre, in what is rapidly becoming the center for the ARTS in Tyrone.

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