Tuesday, July 22, 2008

[Coweta Arts Tidbits] New Author Linda Jennings Coming to CABSE

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 July 22, 2008


New Author Linda Jennings Coming to CABSE


Wrote Life Within The Veil To Show How To Live The Christian Life


     In response to the burgeoning Coweta County literary arts scene a Coweta Authors Book Signing Extravaganza (CABSE) was held last year to which all Coweta authors of a published book were invited.  The CABSE will be held again this year, and at the same venue as last year -- the annual Grantville Day community festival, which will be held this year on Saturday September 27 and Sunday September 28 on Main Street in Grantville, which is located at Exit 35 on Interstate 85.  The Book Signing Tables will open at 10 AM on Saturday and 12 Noon on Sunday.


     One of the authors planning to attend the CABSE is Linda Jennings of Newnan, who says that she wrote her book Life Within The Veil, which was published last year,  because she was "prompted by the Holy Spirit".  Linda, who is a graduate of Pat Robertson's Regent University,  has had experience in Christian pastoral work in Coweta County.  She also is known for her Christian TV Talk Show "Tea With Maggie and Linda". 


     Jennings can be reached at her email address lajennings@charter.net, the CABSE Co-ordinator Forrest Schultz can be reached at schultz_forrest@yahoo.com or at 770-583-3258, and the Director of Grantville Day, Sandra Luttrell can be reached at 770-582-2147 or at sangalasands@aol.com


     The following information about Jennings book is verbatim from the website of her TV show, www.TeawithMaggieandLinda.com:



                                                    Book Summary


     The moment our Lord took His last breath, some marvelous things happened. The earth shook, rocks split and graves opened. But the very first thing that happened was the tearing of the veil from top to bottom. The veil that separated the Holy Place from the Most Holy Place was rent. Primary on the heart of God was the fact that a new dwelling place had just been opened up for you and me. From that moment on, you and I were called to live our lives within the Most Holy Place. But, in practical terms, exactly what does that mean? That's what Life within the Veil tells us. It's a supremely holy work. It's not for those who want to giggle and be entertained. It's for those who know there just has to be something more to church life than what they are presently experiencing. It's for those who are hungry for more of God. Several have said, "Life within the Veil" is a deep book, but it's so easy to read. The author meant it to be that way. Anyone can understand the words and everyone should want to respond with a deeper walk with their Lord. For far too long, the body of Christ has lived far below the fullness of the purposes of Calvary. Christ paid for us to dwell within this glorious place. Let us be the generation which decides to step within the veil and live our lives in the fullness for which Christ died.



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