Thursday, March 22, 2007

[Coweta Arts Tidbits] NO RELIEF by Gerald Byrd Bought By New Coke Museum

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 March 22, 2007
NO RELIEF by Gerald Byrd Purchased by New Coke Museum in Atlanta
Carrollton Artist Launched His Career in Coweta County
     Thus far the vitality of the Coweta arts scene has been measured by the great accomplishments of Coweta artist and art organizations and by the great artists who have been attracted to Coweta to display their visual and performing arts at Coweta County venues.  The latest news of which Coweta can be proud does not fit into either of these two categories.  An artist from another county, Gerald Byrd from Carroll County, who launched his career here in Coweta County, last year received recognition of the quality of his art work when one of his pieces was bought by the new Coca Cola Museum which will open in May.
     The story began when Alana Ennis discovered the brilliance of Byrd's artistry when she saw his works displayed in Carrollton.  She arranged for Byrd to launch his career in Coweta in two stages:  first,at the Pottery Wheel Art Gallery and Studio (where she worked) in March 2005 and then at the Centre for Performing and Visual Arts of Coweta County in April 2005.  Although the attendance at both of these exhibits was low, the right people came because the result was that Byrd's work came to the attention of the art curator at the new Coca-Cola Museum, who purchased the art work NO RELIEF from Byrd last year.  This work will first be put on public display by Coca Cola when the new Museum opens on May 24 at the Pemberton Place in downtown Atlanta. 
     Information on the New World of Coca Cola Museum is available on its website  The art work of Gerald Byrd can be viewed at his website

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