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[Coweta Arts Tidbits] Wilson's "America The Great" Play at Grantville Log Cabin on July 4th

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 June 4, 2007
Wilson's America The Great Play at Grantville Log Cabin on July 4th
     Last year Grantville playwright David Wilson achieved a long sought goal --  writng and performing a Fourth of July play in the Grantville Auditorium.  This year that play, America The Great, will be performed in the log cabin in Grantville built by his ancestor Daniel Meadows.  The following information is found on the website for Grantville Playmakers created by Colby Doler,
America the Great!
"America the Great!" is a very patriotic play that, as it's creator says, continues in the "tradition" of Mel Gibson's "The Patriot." It chronicles two Americans who met during the French and Indian War and eventually came to live side-by-side with their families. As rumors of rebellion agains Great Britian ensue, the two friends become heated as one, Lawrence Cushing, is ever loyal to the King and the other, Timothy Landry, is infurated by Great Britian's laws.
Two best friends, who are now on opposite sides of a war that determined the future of the United States of America, tear their friends apart over the question; "which side is right?"
This July 4th, come and see "America the Great!" at the John C. Meadows Log Cabin located in downtown Grantville, next to the Little League Baseball Field, spicing up the historical flavor of the history of the play! "America the Great!" is guaranteed to knock your socks off and delve you into a serious drama while intriguing the history of our beloved country, The United States of America!
Would you like to help out witht the production?
If you would like to give the Grantville Playmakers a hand in bringing "America the Great!" to life, then you could help with a number of things, including:
Sound System - $250.00 needed
Costumes - $200.00 needed
Curtain - a very large curtain is needed
Stage hands - we are in need of people to help during the production who are not actually acting in the play.
Just give David Wilson a call at (770) 583-2918 or call Colby Doler at (770) 583-2576. Don't forget to mention the site!
Adults - tba
Children - tba
Recommended for ALL AGES
Download "America the Great!" below:

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