Monday, June 25, 2007

[CWG News Release] Coweta Writers Group Meetings Resume and Members Get Published

Coweta   writers   group
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Composed  By:  Forrest  W.  Schultz  770-583-3258 
 June 25, 2007
Coweta Writers Group Is "Back In Business" !!
Monthly Meetings To Resume on July 12
Five Newly Published Books by CWG Members
     Borrowing phraseology from Mark Twain, rumors of the death of the Coweta Writers Group (CWG) have been "highly exaggerated"!  After a hiatus of inactivity, the Group is back on track -- regular monthly meetings will soon by resumed and five CWG members have just had new books published.  These meeting will henceforth be devoted mainly to critiquing of each other's writings.  The first of the resumed meetings will be held at 7:00 PM on Thursday July 12 in the Conference Room of the Newnan-Coweta Public Library on Hospital Road in Newnan.
     The recent publishing spate by CWG writers began in December of last year when John Hickman's long-awaited first novel came out (Man in Muddy Creek), and when Todd hardage's second book saw the light of day (Word Portraits:  Poetry by Todd K. Hardage).  Information on these books can found on their websites:  and  
     Last month tow more books were published:  Mom In The Middle (the third in the Texas Treasures Romance Series) by native Texan Mae Nunn and My Name Is Mary by Mary Bradley Busser, who will celebrate her 92nd birthday next month, which sounds incredible but is "par for the course" for Coweta County, where anything can happen!  Information on these books can be found on the websites of these two fine ladies: and  
      And last week the newest CWG mewmber, Mike Ottensmeyer, had his first book published, The Melon Boys, under the psedonym Michael George.  Information on this book is available on this brand new website
     All five of these CWG writers will be present at the Coweta Authors Book Signing Extravaganza (CABSE( to be held on Saturday September 15 and Sunday September 16 as part of the New Grantville Days Festival.  Info on the CABSE and the CWG is available from Forrest Schultz at 770-583-3258 or   

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