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[Coweta Arts Tidbits] "America The Great" Play Performed, Overcoming Last Minute Obstacle

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 July 6, 2007
Performance of "America The Great" Play Overcomes Last Minute Obtacle
     It was time for the Grantville Playmakers Fourth of July play "America The Great" to be performed and David Wilson, the Playwright/Director/Producer, was frantic because one of the main characters had not shown up and no one knew why.  He finally called in a substitute because "the play must go on".  Ironically, there was something appropriate about this because George Washington  had to overcome similar obstacles in the Revolutionary War -- he too was confronted with "no-shows", e.g.  troops which were promised but did not arrive, but he persevered, thereby embodying the "Spirit of '76".
     The resulting delay in the performance was filled with some appropriate impromptu humor.  A man in the audience got up and told a George Washington joke.  Then Wilson recounted a recent episode in which, while he was dressed in his George Washington costume, he rearended a car while driving in Newnan.  The other driver was shocked to see George Washington emerging from the driver's seat of the offending vehicle, and you can imagine the laughs of the insurance company when they found out.  One more interesting day in the life of Coweta County !  Wilson decided, as he himself stated, not to let the no-show get him down but to follow the motto:  If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  Actually, it was worth the delay to hear this really funny true story.
     There has already been plenty of articles published about the plot of the play so there is no need to repeat it here.  What does require comment is how amazingly appropriate Grantville's Meadows log cabin (and the surrounding grass and trees) was for the "stage" of this play.  Several scenes in the play occur in front of a house -- there was no need to create a stage set for that; the cabin itself was the set.  Most of the scenes occur in a sylvan setting, which again required no set construction; nature provided that.  The magnificent costumes worn by the cast were especially impressive against this natural background, which made it seem that the actions in the play were really happening rather than being acted.  The only thing which needed construction was the curtain, which was composed of several shower curtains sewn together side by side with the loops sliding along a rope tied to two trees in front of the cabin. 
     After the play Wilson announced that instead of staging another Barbara Nolan comic vampire drama, his Halloween play this year will deal with the notorious John Wallace, who committed the infamous "Murder in Coweta County" recounted by Margaret Anne Barnes in her book by that title.  Colby Doler distributed announcements about the World War II play "We Are Brothers", which will performed in December.
     Information about the Grantville Playmakers is available on their website

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