Monday, July 09, 2007

[Coweta Arts Tidbits] Flint Gallery Rated #1 in Southern Arc

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 July 9, 2007
Lifestyles Readers Rate Flint the #1 Art Gallery in Southern Arc
     On Page 10 of the July issue of Lifestyles magazine the Editor Monica Gaddy provides a helpful and lively discussion of the rating system of various things by their readers -- and she strongly stresses that it is the READERS, not the staff of the magazine that is doing the rating.  On page 48 is shown the result of the rating for art galleries:  the Flint Gallery at Panoply in downtown Newnan is rated as the Best Art Gallery in the Southern Arc.  Information on the gallery is available on its website at
     What is very interesting about this is that the Flint Gallery is definitely not your usual art gallery.  The paintings displayed in the Flint Gallery are found on the walls of the showroom and workroom of the Panoply Interior Design and Home Decor.  And this is not the only such gallery in Newnan.  The walls of the Embassy Row Coffee House are used to display the paintings of the monthly themed shows of the Newnan-Coweta Art Association.  And the art gallery at the Arts Centre is inside of what was designed to be a performing arts centre.  So, strictly speaking, Coweta County does not actually have an art gallery, as that term is normally used.  Therefore it is especially noteworthy that Flint was chosen as the #1 gallery although it is by no means surprising because the paintings hanging in it are first rate and are situated in a great environment.

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