Thursday, July 26, 2007

[Coweta Arts Tidbits] John Hickman, Muddy Creek Author, Coming to CABSE

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July 28, 2007
Man In Muddy Creek Author John Hickman Coming to CABSE
     John Hickman of Newnan was one of the participants in the Writers Symposium held in Moreland in 2003 sponsored by the Erskine Caldwell Museum.  He spoke of the novels he had written but at that time none of them had yet been published.  Well, Hickman has been  flying high ever since the first one was published in December 2006,
Man In Muddy Creek.  He is very proud of his book and is devoting considerable effort to publicizing it so that others can enjoy it too.  He firmly believes in book signings so that it should come as no surprise that he will be an enthusiastic participant in the Coweta Authors Book Signing Extravaganza (CABSE), which will be a special feature of the New Grantville Days Festival held the third weekend in September.  All Coweta authors of a published book have been invited; twenty have so far agreed to attend with the total expected to be about 22.  The CABSE will be held on Main Street in Grantville from
10 AM through 5 PM on Saturday September 15 and from 12 Noon through 5 PM on Sunday September 16.  The CABSE will provide the public with an opportunity to meet Coweta County's authors and to acquire an autographed copies of their books.  The CABSE is unique because there has never before been a book signing to which all Coweta authors have been invited.  Information on CABSE is available from its Co-ordinator, Forrest Schultz, at 770-583-3258 or  Information on the New Grantville Days Festival is available at their website  (The New Grantville Days Festival was formerly called "Grantville Day".)
     Information on Hickman and his book and his family is available on his website

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