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[Coweta Arts Tidbits] Kennedy's SF Novel Recommended for Film

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August 2, 2007
Novel By Coweta Author Vickie Kennedy Recommended For Film
     Probably the most excited author in Coweta County these days is Vickie Kennedy of Newnan, who has just learned that her excellent science fiction novel The Hidden Truth of Cytech's Randal Forty is finally getting the attention it deserves:  it has been recommended for film by the noted Reel Talk critic Betty Jo Tucker.  Kennedy has already won an EPPIE Award for the book but there has so far been little other recognition.  Kennedy is a very busy woman because she not only writes novels, she also runs the Writers Block workshop and the etreasures publishing company (both based in Newnan).  Her science fiction novel will be one of four of her books she will be autographing at the Coweta County Book Signing Extravaganza next month, which would be a good time to meet her and acquire her books.
Here is Betty Jo Tucker's article: 
Screenplay Worthy
by Betty Jo Tucker

In keeping with my practice of notifying filmmakers about books that simply cry out to be movies, I'm pleased to add The Hidden Truth of Cytech's Randall Forty to the list. Author Vickie Kennedy fills this sci-fi romantic suspense novel with action images so exciting, they would surely explode on screen! She also endows her leading characters with personality plus, especially the heroine Dixie Freeman, a homicide detective chosen by the Federal government for a secret time-travel expedition.
Dixie is a tough, feisty woman who fights hard not to take this dangerous trip, then falls head over heels for Randall Forty shortly after she arrives in the year 2250. Randall just happens to be the handsome hunk heading up New York's police department -- as well as the perfect man for Dixie. Or is he?
I can see the casting of these two roles creating quite a stir in Hollywood! My preferences? Johnny Depp and Ashley Judd. They would be perfect in the sizzling love scenes between Randall and Dixie. (Of course, I think Johnny Depp should be in every movie!)
Suspense builds as Dixie and Randall come together not only as a romantic couple but also as partners battling crime. Randall must defeat Xonn, the villain behind organized crime, and Dixie wants to help him. But danger lurks for both protagonists. To complicate things even more, Dixie worries about leaving Randall when her time-travel mission is completed, and Randall ponders over how to tell Dixie his secret.
The Hidden Truth of Cytech's Randall Forty contains elements reminiscent of both Blade Runner and Kate and Leopold, two of my favorite films. Perhaps that's one reason I enjoyed this sci-fi novel so much. Also, if made into a movie, filmmakers could go wild here with futuristic sets, holograms, hover crafts, androids, cyborgs, computers, and so forth. I can't help thinking it would be a big hit!
For more information about The Hidden Truth of Cytech's Randall Forty, go to the publishers website at
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