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[Coweta Arts Tidbits] Coweta's "Young Artists" Group Announces Fall Program

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 August 25, 2007
Coweta's "Young Artists" Group Announces Fall Program
     One of the oldest and most successful of all of Coweta County's arts organizations is the Young Artists of Newnan and Coweta County founded by and directed by Bette Hickman, who has just released this information about the group's upcoming program this fall:
The Young Artists of Newnan & Coweta County
Welcome Letter & Information Packet
August 15, 2007
Dear Young Artists and Parents:
We can hardly believe summer is almost over and school has already begun!  The world is spinning faster and faster each year it seems, grin! 
Class Days & Times
Art classes begin the first Wednesday and Thursday after Labor Day, September 5th & 6th, 2007.  Class times are 4:15pm - 6:00pm.  Students come only one day a week. Please let us know ASAP which day you prefer - Wednesdays or Thursdays.  We will do our best to accommodate your preference.  Classes meet at the Harriet Alexander Art Center located off of Hospital Road in Newnan, next to the Tommy Thompson Senior Citizen Center near the Coweta County Recreation Department. (Please let us know if you need further directions to get here.)  You will park in the parking lot shared by the Senior Center and our classes meet upstairs.  
Due to increased costs of offering classes, we find it necessary to increase the Art Fees this year from $35.00 to the new $40.00.  (If we are correct - this is the first increase in the past 7 years and only the 2nd increase in the overall program's history.)  It is not something we do on a regular basis.  We appreciate your understanding.  If you have more than 1 child enrolled in class you will still receive your discount - 2 or more children in the program will cost $35.00 per student.  If you have any questions or concerns - please check with Miss Teri or Miss Bet te.  We can make arrangements and work with you but we must know ahead of time.
Miss Bet te and I have worked diligently over the summer in preparation for this new Art Year.  We are extremely excited about some of the new projects we will be working on!  We think you will enjoy these, as well.
This year, we will host an "Open House - Registration - Orientation Day" on Tuesday, September 4th, 4 - 6pm.  We are asking all of our new students to please come and register this day with us.  Any returning students who would like to come are invited, as well.  We will have a little "meet & greet" and take registrations at that time.  You will also pay September fees at that time. 
In this information packet, we are including a registration form that you may complete and bring with you or email back to me, if you choose.  HOWEVER, I must know right away if you are planning on returning!!!!!!
Supply List will follow in a few days.  Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns you may have.           
Artfully yours,
Miss Bet te & Miss Teri
The Young Artists of Newnan & Coweta County
2007 - 2008
Registration Form
Student's Last Name ____________________________   1st Name ______________________________ 
Age of Student: _______________  Grade level: _________   Name of School: ____________________
Wednesday  Student    or     Thursday  Student             (circle one)
Address ___________________________________________________________________________
Home Phone ___________________________________   Cell Phone __________________________
Email Address: ______________________________________________________________________
Emergency Contact Name: _____________________________________________________________
Emergency Contact Number: ___________________________________________________________
Relationship to Student: ________________________________________________________________
Allergies: ____________________________________________________________________________
For Office Staff  Use Only
Session Payments                   Amount                Check/Cash                                Date
September                     _______               __________                                      _________
October                         _______               __________                                      _________
November                      _______               __________                                      _________
January                         _______               __________                                      _________
February                       _______               __________                                      _________
March                           _______               __________                                      _________
April                              _______               __________                                      _________
May                               _______               __________                                      _________
Special Fees:
Christmas Card Project         ________                    ____________                                    ___________
 Valentine Card Project         ________                    ____________                                    ___________

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