Friday, August 17, 2007

[Coweta Arts Tidbits] Five Coweta Photographers Have Entries Accepted Into "Slow Exposures"

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 August 17, 2007
Five Coweta Photographers Have Entries In Slow Exposures: 
Paul Conlan, Gary Gruby, Deborah Smith, Jeremy Harwell, and Daniel Piar
     Photographic artists from Coweta County have been receiving great honors from the Slow Exposures Photographic Exhbition of the Rural South, which is becoming ever more widely regarded as one of the nation's premier exhibitions of photographic art.  The Grand Prize for the past two years has been won by Cowetans -- in 2005 by Paul Conlan of Newnan, and in 2006 by Gary Gruby of Senoia.  Conlan has also been very highly honored by being invited to be on the Board which runs the Exhibition and by being named the Webmaster of their website,  To appreciate the greatness of this honor one needs to realize that the Exhibition is run by residents of Pike County:  where Cotton once was King there, Slow Exposures is now their reigning Monarch, and everything about it is "fit for a king", such as royally high standards for admission to the exhbition and the very best Jurors who can be found.  So, for someone outside of Pike County to be given these privileges is an extremely high honor.
      This year there were over 600 photographs submitted with only 81 of these accepted into the Exhibition by the Jurors.  Five residents of Coweta County were among those with photographs accepted.  These are:  Paul Conlan of Newnan, Gary Gruby of Senoia, Deborah Smith of Grantville, and Daniel Piar of Senoia.
     The website contains this info on the Exhbition:
The SlowExposures photo-exhibition has become anything but slow as it already has passed its toddler years and stands tall at 4 years old. Organized by a savvy group of sourthern dolls to put preservation of cultural style and life back on the map when Google-Earth promotes another message about being "close to home". The competition is strengthened by a mix of amateur and professional photographers whose visions of southern life show diversity of interest that range from sweet smelling landscapes to mysterious deserted architectural gems; home life is often outdoor ife and captures individual charachters' faces and gestures of southern charm or depict the latest family feud. SlowExposures is an opportunity that presents photographing the South can be more than "makin' perty pictures" but a quest of discovering who and what we really are, and sometimes what we were.
SlowExposures, the nationally recognized photography exhibition that underscores the diversity, contradictions and complexity of the rural South, opens Friday, September 21, 2007, for two weekends in the picturesque town of Concord, Georgia. The fifth anniversary of the photography showcase will be held in the historic 1887 R.F. Strickland Building, a late nineteenth century mercantile store listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Pike County, fifty miles south of Atlanta.
SlowExposures opens on Friday, September 21, followed by a benefit gala dinner/dance/auction on September 22. The six-day exhibit continues on September 23, 28, 29 and 30, with a BBQ picnic on Saturday, September 29, hosted by the Pike County Arts Council. The second weekend of SlowExposures recognizes "Kids with Cameras" with a children's exhibit and reception and salutes young people's interest in photography.

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