Wednesday, August 29, 2007

[Coweta Arts Tidbits] 92 YearOld May Busser Coming to CABSE

Coweta   arts   tidbits
The  Successor  To  Newnan-Coweta  Arts  Council  News  Releases
Composed By:  Forrest W. Schultz  770-583-3258
 August 29, 2007
92 Year Old Mary Busser from Newnan is Coming to CABSE
     Is it ever too late to write a book??  Mary Busser of Newnan does not think so.  Mary, who turned 92 this month, has just had her first book published AND she is at work on a second one!!  The book, entitled, My Name Is Mary, is a collection of her remembrances, her comments on various things, and her poems.  Because she enjoys sharing these thoughts, reminiscences, and poems, she will be participating in the Coweta Authors Book Signing Extravaganza in order to give people the opportunity to acquire an autographed copy of her book and also to hear her read some poetry from the microphone.  The CABSE will be held on Saturday September 15 from 10 AM through 5 PM and on Sunday September 16 from 12 Noon through 5 PM as a special feature of the New Grantville Days Festival.  The authors will be seated behind a long row of tables at the end of Main Street in Grantville, which is a small city in southern Coweta County located at Exit 35 in Interstate 85.  There will be 20 other authors participating.
     Info on Mary Busser and her book is avaiable on her website  Info on the CABSE is available from Forrest Schultz at 770-583-3258 or  Info on Grantville Day, the original name of the New Grantville Days Festival, is available on their website
Once I was very foolish
And I searched for a magic thing
A magic thing—an illusive thing,
Like a bird on the wing
And the Eternal Fountain of Spring.
I thought all things would come to me
That I could reach out and touch a star
Yes, touch a star and hold a cloud
And dreams are what they are.
Then I found a rainbow
And I watched the colors blend
So I put away my foolish things
I knew there would be no end.
Yes—I put away my foolish things
But softly, as a Madonna holds her child,
I knew I'd need them
As I started down life's second mile.
And now I know—
I can dance on the moon
I can swing from the stars
And through my laughter and tears
As I go down each mile
I'll always cherish
This part of me that's a child.


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