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[Coweta Arts Tidbits] Benefit Concert at Legacy Theatre

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 August 20, 2007
Benefit Concert At Legacy Theatre
     The Legacy Theatre, which usually puts on its own shows, will be the venue for a benefit concert next month.  The online news service for the Southern Arc, the
Southside Arts Agenda, provides this information:
Voices Concert
VOICES proudly announces the 2007 Voices Benefit Concert titled Canto all'una Terra (Song to One World) featuring more than 100 talented local citizens coming together to celebrate the earth and its beauty through song. The concert will be performed at the Legacy Theatre in Tyrone, on September 15.
Named after the title of its first performances,VOICES will be presenting their 2nd annual concert of inspirational music. Through the wonders of the earth, we are called to share as one, regardless of our roots. This years event covers an eclectic collection of music; with hits like "Dust in the Wind", "What a Wonderful World" and "Colors of the Wind;" 
Latin American beloved pieces made famous by Mercedes Sosa; "Any Dream Will Do" from Andre Lloyd Webber; contemporary inspirational music in Selah's style; Andre Bocelli's classical crossover favorites and other everlasting classicals like "Meditation" from Massenet's "Thais". VOICES will also premier a piece by composer Bob Smith titled "24 Hours" and will be introducing the newly formed trio "Zaphira."
This event is bringing together an amazing pool of local talent of all ages, styles, and walks of life.  Artistic Director Maria Pia Ugarte and Music Director Claire Stroud have fused moving selections with gifted talent with featured soloists; Alison Chambers, Soprano & Vocalist, Michael Fleisch, Vocalist; Joyce Gruschow, Vocalist, Beatriz Martinez, Vocalist; Rick Massengale, Tenor; Paige McCauley, Girl Soprano & Vocalist  Bill Nelmes, Vocalist; Matthew Roberts, Violin; Christopher Stroud, Classical Guitar; Maria Pia Ugarte, Soprano & Vocalist.
The Latin American Ensemble (Beatriz Martinez, Daniel Garcia, Efrain Loera, and Oscar Galvez) will perform as will the St. John's Dance Group, directed by Elisa Yates, and the Voices Orchestra and Band (Bethany Abresch, Michael Fleisch, Rick Massengale, Bill Nelmes, Matthew Roberts, and Claire Stroud) with the special participation of the Peachtree Wind Ensemble prepared by Mike Landry.  Music direction is shared this year by Claire Stroud and Rick Massengale.
The Voices Youth Ensemble, directed by Jacqueline Bustin, includes Alexa Moreira, Kelley Utt, Amanda Buzzeo, Maddie Corley, Sandra Destadio, Sebastian Doreste, Regan Grillo, Anna Haas, Olivia Haas, Mallory Hu, Paige McCauley, Abby Mortensen, Shannon Wade, Crystal Warner, and Michelle Yarmolinsky.
Members of the Voices Adult Choir are Antoinette Reilly, Joan Aycock, Olivia Brown, Caterina Carter, Grace Colonna, Sandi Destadio, Marlene Edwards, Cynthia Quick, Susan Luciano, Michelle Mesko, Maria Moreira, Victoria Moreira, Sue Murtaugh, Jillian Safko, Andrea Swicegood, Krisa Uy, Adriana Walman, Megan Zerbe, Sachiko Doreste, Cat White, Bill Reilly, Phillip Hu, Sharon Phillips, Matt Elliott, Michael Fleisch, Harvey George, Benjamin James Papac, and David Phillips.
Voices 2007, Canto ad una Terra (Song to One World,) tickets are  on sale now at $20 each and can be purchased online by visiting the VOICES web site through this link or online through Brown Paper Tickets by clicking here.
Proceeds from the concert benefit Wellspring Living, an organization providing various levels of assistance to women whose lives have been devastated by drug and alcohol addictions, self-mutilation, depression, and other traumatic life events.
For more information on Wellspring, visit their web site by clicking here. For more information on the concert, including a list of the songs to be performed, visit their web site through the link below.

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