Tuesday, August 14, 2007

[Grantville Day News Release] Motorcycles at Grantville Day: Bike Ride and Bike Raffle

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Composed  By:  Forrest W. Schultz  770-583-3258  schultz_forrest@yahoo.com
August 14, 2007
Motorcycles at the New Grantville Days Festival
Bike Ride and Bike Raffle To Be Held on September 15
     Motorcycles will play two important roles at the New Grantville Days Festival, which this year will be held on the balmy third weekend of September instead of the traditional super-hot second weekend of June, when it was known as Grantville Day. 
     First, there will be a one-hour Ride Around Grantville led by biker enthusiast B.J. Thompson, who is a member of the festival's planning committee.  This Bike Ride will begin at 4 PM on Saturday September 15 on Main Street in front of the former Railroad Freight Depot.  The $15 entry fee may be paid at that time or ahead of time by contacting BJ at 678-643-0013 or when you see him hanging around the Grantville Veterans Office on Main Street. 
     Second, there will be a Bike Raffle.  Each participant in the Bike Ride will receive a free raffle ticket.  The rest of the tickets will be sold for $5 each.  The prize awarded to the raffle winner will be the Panther 49 cc Mini Bike on display in the Grantville Veterans Association office on Main Street.   The money raised by the Ride and Raffle will be put into the fund for the construction of the Grantville Veterans Memorial.
    Information about Grantville Day is available on its website http://grantvilleday.tripod.com.  Or you can contact the Chairman, Sandy Luttrell at 770-583-9013 or by email at sangalasands@aol.com or by dropping in to her new ice cream store on Main Street.

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