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[Coweta Arts Tidbits] Historical Society Announces Tour of Homes

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March 29, 2008
Newnan Spring Tour of Homes Announced By Historical Society
     Since Newnan is rightly known as The City of Homes, it is not surprising that for some time now one of the highlights of every year in Newnan has been the Spring Tour of Homes conducted by the Newnan-Coweta Historical Society.  Details on this tour are provided below by Society member Shelley Laurin:
Spring Tour Homes Shows Changing Tastes, Lifestyles
On Saturday, April 19th, from 10 am to 6 pm, the Newnan Coweta Historical Society will hold its annual Spring Tour of Homes, starting with Larry Anderson's and Michael Boulas' showplace at 141 Greenville Street, and continuing with four more historic properties in Moreland, Ga., eight miles south of Newnan along Route 29S.
Although many of the original features of these homes have been preserved, tour docents will point out how they have been modified to suit changing tastes in architecture over the years, or expnded to meet growing needs for space and function.  Some of these changes are mentioned in the photo captions below.
North-Young-Anderson Home
141 Greenville Street
Newnan, GA
This beautiful home was built as a one-and-a-half story residence in the prosperous boom times tha Newnan enjoyed with the rest of the South in the decade preceding the War Between the States.  It was originally built as a Greek Revival cottage, and was "Victorianized" by Dr. Abraham North, a Confederate army surgeon in the 1880's.
In 1918, the home was restored to its original Greek Revival style, with the addition of a full second floor, columns, and a porte-cochere.  The current owners, Larry Anderson and Michael Boulas, have added a charming guest house, garage, and pool.
Cureton-Winkley Home
75 Church Street
Moreland, GA
This Eastlake Victorian cottage was built in 1889 by Elisha Cureton.  It features a wraparound porch with columns and a bay-windowed foyer.  Originally, it had two square rooms with shared fireplaces on either side of a wide central hall, plus a kitchen and porch at the back of the house. 
 Dwight "Rooster" Winkley has done extensive work in the house.  He has remodeled the kitchen, rebuilt the staircase and converted the former attic into a master suite with balcony and bath, sewing nook, children's play area, and two more bedrooms with shared bath.
Caswell-Faulkner-Collins Home
33 Brannon Street
Moreland, GA
This Victorian gabled cottage with wraparound porch tucked away at the end of Brannon Street was constructed around 1910.  It features a central hallway plan with two large, bright, square rooms on each side.  A kitchen, bath, and sunporch are at the rear.
The house has four fireplaces with original mantles, two sets of pocketdoors, and may Eastlake details, including spindlework and door moldings with sunburst corner blocks.  Dormers were added recently to create a second floor bedroom accessed by a spiral staircase.  A charming three-tiered fountain anchors the circular driveway.
Camp-McBrier-Laurin/Rudy Home
86 Victoria Drive
Moreland, GA
Built in 1882 by E. N. Camp, this Victorian gabled, one-and-a-half story clapboard cottage has a classic GreekRevival interior, with four square rooms opening off either side of a central hallway and six-over-six windows.  The house has twelve foot ceilings and four working fireplaces.
The McBriers, who lived in the house for many years, added a large, sunny living room, a bedroom, bath, and screened porch to the rear, as well as brick walkways and a curved brick patio.
McBrier-Schilling-Bowers Home
757 Bethlehem church Road
Moreland, GA
Originally built as a small farm house on 200 acres by the McBrier family a century ago, this charming prairie-style homeplace was purchased by Edward Schilling in the early 90's.  Mr. Schilling completed most of the remodeling and additions, selling the house to Dale and Sam Bowers in 2000.  Five years later, fire destroyed the top.  the Bowers' partially rebuilt and remodeled the house again with the help of designer Christi Estes, who created a beautiful master suite on the second floor.  The sitting area and office were featured in the February issue of Southern Living Storage and Organizing, and the master bath will appear in the June issue of Southern Living.
Tickets for the tour are $15 each and will be available for sale at The Male Academy Museum, at Scott's Bookstore on the Court Square, and at H. J. Wings & things at Summer Grove.  On the day of the tour, tickets may also be acquired at the Historical Society's tent on the Court Square and at the Camp-McBrier-Laurin/Rudy house.
For additional details, call the Male Academy at 770-251-0207, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, from 10 am to 3 pm, or leave a message.
(Photo of Mr. Redwine will be emailed to you by Pamela Prange)
Tom Redwine Appointed Administrator by Newnan Coweta Historical Society
The Newnan Coweta historical Society has announced the appointment of Thomas E. Redwine, SR., as administrator of The Male Academy Museum, which is located on the corner of College Street and Temple Avenue in Newnan.
Redwine has been a member of NCHS for four years, and was voted to the Board of Directors in 2007.  A native of the Atlanta metropolitan area, he has lived in Newnan for a little over 12 years.  His personal ancestory in the Coweta County area dates back to 1798-1826), when his great-great grandfather's brother Lewis lived on the old Redwine Plantation just north of Roscoe.
Also, his great grandfather was a captain in the Confederate Army (10th Georgia Infantry Regiment) Fayette Rifle Greys.  Redwine partiipates in Living History Re-enactments of The Was Between the States, and has an active interest in genealogy.  He is also a model railroader who collects railroad memorabilia.
The NCHS welcomes new members and volunteers, and invites all those interested to attend upcoming functions at the Train Depot as well as the April 19th Spring Tour of Homes.  The Depot is available to the public for rental for special events.
Spring Tour tickets are available from The Male Academy (Visa and Mastercard are accepted), Scott's Bookstore, and H. J. Wings & Things.  For information on membership, volunteer opportunities, and upcoming events, you may call the Male Academy at 770-251-0207on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 10 am to 3 pm, and Saturday and Sunday, 2 pm to 5 pm.  Tours may also be arranged by special appointment.
Please call (770-254-9520) or email me with any questions. 
 Thanks, Shelley Laurin
Below is a photograph of one of these homes provided by Tondra Ivey.

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