Tuesday, January 20, 2009

[Coweta Arts Tidbits] Pastor Ken Adams Publishes "Conversations About Disciple Making"

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January 20, 2009
Ken Adams Publishes Conversations About Disciple Making
    Although there have been many books written about what the Christian is supposed to be like after he becomes a disciple of Christ, few have been written about the actual methodology to be employed to produce the result.  A new book has recently been written by a Coweta County pastor, Ken Adams, which sets forth this method: each disciple makes other disciples through small groups which last until the others have grown into disciples who, then, in turn, each establish their own small disciple-making groups, and so forth.
     Adams has been the pastor of the Crossroads Church near Newnan for over 20 years. The publisher is Swanee Ballman who moved her Jawbone Publishing Company to Newnan when she and her husband built a house here about a year ago.  Adams is one of three Coweta authors whose books her company published in 2008.  Info about the company is available on www.jawbonepublishing.com.
     Information about Adams' book and his discipleship ministry is available on its website www.impactdiscipleship.com  He can also be reached by phone at 678-854-9322.  This is Adams' first book, making him one of Coweta County's newest authors and the most recent person to join the Coweta Writers Group.  The book is well-written, easy to read, thought-provoking,  and contains a lot of helpful information on its subject.   
    Adams is one of the latest examples of a trend which began about six years ago when a number of Cowetans stopped dreaming about becoming an author and went forth and actually became one.  The result is that during the past three years (2006-2008) there have been a total of forty books published by Coweta county authors, which is an average of slightly more than one book per month

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