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RESENDING [Coweta Arts Tidbits] Rhoderick Cook's "Black Gold" Is Published

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January 8, 2009


Rhoderick Cook's Black Gold Is Published

     The burgeoning of the Coweta literary arts scene continued last year making it the third year in a row that new books were published by Coweta authors at the rate of one per month. As far as we know, the twelfth and last of these books for 2008 was Black Gold: Treasures From The Heart written by Rhoderick Cook of Newnan. (There were a total of 14 books published by Cowetans in 2006, and 13 published in 2007.)
     The term "Black Gold" refers to petroleum, which is apparent from the book cover in which the top of an oil well forms the letter "A" in the word "Black".  According to the conventional geological theory, the forces which produce the petroleum are heat and pressure.   There is an interesting parallel here with the New Testament teaching that God uses fiery trials and pressures to formulate Christian character.  So there is an analogy between the formation of the spiritual gold and the formation of the black gold.  The book is about how God used various trials in the author's life to produce the treasures in his heart.  The hands at the bottom of the picture on the cover symbolize the Hands of God.  You need to look closely to see them just as oftentimes one needs to have a sharp spiritual perception to discern the work of God in one's life.  (This is one of the finest book covers I have ever seen and one of the best in illustrating what the book is about.)  The author is thankful to God for His work and hopes that what God has done for him will serve as encouragement for other christians to persevere in the trials God brings upon them in their lives.
     Rhoderick Cook will soon begin book signings and other public appearances relating to his book.  He can be contacted at "Rhoderick Cook" or by cell phone at 770-683-7717.  His book will soon be listed  at and on his publishers website    

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