Monday, February 23, 2009

[Coweta Arts Tidbits] Coweta Christian Writers Group Formed; Next Meetings Set For March 7 & April 6

Coweta Arts Tidbits

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February 23, 2009

Twenty Members Join To Form Coweta Christian Writers Group


Next Meetings Set For March 7 & April 6


     On February 19 twenty people gathered at the Coweta Community Church in Newnan to form the Coweta Christian Writers Group.  The organizer, Linda Jennings, was pleased with the turnout.  She also announced that the next two meetings of the group are scheduled for Saturday March 7 at 9 AM and Monday April 6 at 7 PM, both to be held at the same place, Coweta Community Church, which is located at 310 Millard Farmers Industrial Boulevard in Newnan.  Anyone interested in the group can contact her at

770-304-0282 or by e-mail at


     The formation of this special writers group is the latest indication of the burgeoning Coweta literary scene in which for the past three years Coweta authors have been getting books published at the rate of slightly over one per month!  As the number of Coweta's published authors grows, it will become ever more feasible for special writers groups like this to be formed.     


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