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[Coweta Arts Tidbits] Coweta Authors Welcomed to Book Signing Book At Powers Festival

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 August 4, 2008
Labor Day Weekend Book Signing Opporutnity Announced:
Coweta Authors Welcomed to (Free) Booth at Powers Festival on Sept.1 - 3
     John Hickman, a member of the Coweta Writers Group and the author of three novels, has just announced that he has made a special arrangement with the Powers Crossroads
Country Fair and Arts Festival for a free booth where Coweta authors can come to do book signings.  The booth will be open throughout the festival which lasts from Saturday Septemvber 1 through Monday September 3.
     Here is what Hickman says about this (in an email he sent to Forrest Schultz):    
"I have received the go ahead from Carol who runs the Powers
staff to put together a group of writers for a booth at the Powers
Crossroads Festival.  They will not charge the usual $250.00 for the space;
instead those who participate can make a donation based on how they feel
after the show is over.  I will be there all three days and I will be
hawking all three of my books. I think this is an ideal oportunity to get
some exposure for our local writers. Will you please get this information
to all the writers that you know. Give them my Email and I will
co-ordinate the booth entries with Carol. Like I said it's free and Powers
wants us to participate. John Hickman"
     Every Coweta author who is interested in being at this book signing booth should email Hickman at

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