Thursday, August 28, 2008

[Coweta Arts Tidbits] Five Coweta Authors Signing Books at Powers Festival This Weekend


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 August 28, 2008


Coweta Authors Doing Book-Signing at Powers Crossroads Festival:


John Hickman, Tony Priest, "Pie" Burson, Holly Moulder, Linda Jennings


     Carol Chancey has just announced the authors that (so far) have decided to do signings of their books at the Powers Crossroads Festival she is running this weekend.  The place for the signings will be J.T.'s Coffee House in the entertainment area.


     These authors will be John William Hickman (Man In Muddy Creek and Common Clay), Tony Priest (Call Sign:  Iceman), Carolyn "Pie" Burson (Pie's Half-Baked Memoirs), Holly Moulder (Eyes Of The Calusa) and Linda Jennings (Life Within The Veil). 


    Hickman is the organizer and presumably he will be there all three days of the Festival:  Saturday August 30, Sunday August 31 and Monday September 1.  Also intending to be there all three days are Molder and Jennings.  Priest intends to be there on Saturday and Sunday, and Burson intends to be there only on Saturday. 




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