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[Coweta Arts Tidbits] NCAA Espresso Lane Reception On Dec. 11

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November 12, 2008
NCAA Schedule Formed For Themed Exhibits at Espresso Lane 
Next  Reception On December 11
    According to Nancy Tomlin, The Newnan-Coweta Art Association (NCAA) recently adopted a schedule for all the themed exhibits at its Gallery at Espresso Lane for the following year.  This is very helpful because now the Receception Dates and times can be announced in advance instead of just a few days before.  It is especially important to know well in advance the dates of upcoming events during this year's Holiday Season when one needs to decide among the many events in and near Coweta County which are planned -- this should be the busiest season ever!   
     According to the NCAA Themed Exhibit Calendar, the next such exhibit will last for seven weeks, from December 7, 2008 through January 25, 2009.  The Theme will be "What A Year We Have Had" or "Artist's Choice" (meaning each artist can choose which painting he wishes to exhibit).  The Reception for this Exhibit will be held at Espresso Lane on Thursday, December 11 from 7:00 PM through 8:30 PM.  As always, this Reception provides an opportunity not only to see the paintings adorning the walls, but also to meet the artists who produced them and to have a cup of great coffee!
     The Expresso Lane Coffee Shop is located on the Courthouse Square in downtown Newnan at 22 West Court Square.  Coming to the Reception will also provide the opportunity to meet the new owners, January and Nathan Dockery, who, as previously announced, have agreed to continue to allow its wall space to be used for the NCAA Gallery.  Information on Espresso Lane is available on their website or by calling 770-683-7290 or by emailing
     Information on the NCAA Gallery is available from its co-ordinator Nancy Tomlin at
"Espresso Lane Gallery Coordinator" or by visiting the NCAA website and then clicking on Espresso Lane.    

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