Thursday, November 20, 2008



Urgent Attention,

Good day,

I am (Mr Mathew Addo) Auditing and accounting manager,Foreign Operations,International Commercial Bank,Ghana and also a  Personal Account Officer to Dr Salim Chidiac.  I am moved to write you this mail due to it's importance,urgency and profit.I am sorry if this mail is coming to you as an  Intrusion in to your private life. Dr Salim Chidiac,a Lebanese.He was a Seasoned Contractor with Ghana Cement Company in   Ghana Republic, until his death years ago, made a huge deposit with us,here at ICB PLC, ACCRA,Ghana and with a closing  balance of USD$12.5M(Twelve Million,Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars).

The Bank will unquestionably release this fund to as claims by any of his available next of kin(Wife Mrs. Sandra (now divorced),Ms Jim and Miss Mary Chidiac)OR alternatively be donated to a discredited Trust Fund For Arms and  Ammunition(T.F.F.A.A) at the military war college here in Ghana, according to the document before us.  Fervent efforts have been made by the Management of the Bank to get in Touch with any of Mr.Salim Chadiac, next of kinds or  families but to no avail.It is due to the perceived impossibility of locating any of late Mr.Salim Chadiac, next of kin (wife  and two children Ms Jim and Miss Mary Chadiac ) that the management met to declare this funds" UNCLAIMED DEPOSIT.

It has resolved at releasing these funds to The Trust Fund for Gov account. In order to make use of this golden opportunity, my Boss, colleagues and I agreed to seek the assistance of a foreigner who will be willing to assume and pose as the  beneficiary next of kin to Mr.Salim Chadiac Now,we seek your cooperation to have you stand as late Mr.Salim Chadiac's next of  kin to enable us transfer the money without stress into your personal Account($12.5m).

All documents and proves to enable you get this fund have been carefully worked out and we are assuring you a 100% risk free. We have agreed to offer 30% while the rest,70% would be for my self and my colleagues. If this proposal work out with you and you do not wish to take the advantage of the truth I have imposed on you, we hope to do more business with you .

Note that I will like you to get back to us as soon as you receive this mail to enable us know our standing regards to the  transaction. If this proposal is ok by you,

please do forward to us all this information's.

(1) Your full name to use as the beneficiary
(2) Your mailing address
(3) Your Private phone and fax number for easy Communication
(4) Your Banking details where the fund will be transfer to.

Thanks and God bless you.

Best Regards,

Mr Mathew Addo

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