Saturday, November 29, 2008

[Letter To The Editor] VOICES Gives Charities Free Tickets To Concert On Saturday

   I want to thank all of you for your help in getting the word out about the great accomplishments in the Coweta arts scene.  I also hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving and will have a Merry Christmas.
   What you see below is not one of my "Tidbits" but a Letter To The Editor.  I feel strongly about this, so that I would like this to appear as a Letter To The Editor instead of as a part of the Tidbit I just issued about this same subject.
     If I may be so bold as to offer a piece of advice, I think it would be good to stress news like this as a way of encouraging others to be generous as we enter this time when a lot of people will be facing financial challenges.  Here is someone doing something about it, not just griping!!
Sincerely yours,
Forrest W. Schultz
               FORREST W. SCHULTZ
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                 "VOICES Gives Charities Free Tickets To Concert on Saturday"
     The VOICES choral group has become well known in Southside arts circles for its excellent performances. It is now about to become well-known for its concern for those unable to afford to pay for the tickets. VOICES Artistic Director Maria Pia Ugarte has announced that free tickets are being given to three different area charities chosen by the VOICES membership.
     Quite appropriately this Chrismas present will be for its "Chrismas Mist" Concert on Saturday at 8 PM at The Wadsworth in Newnan. I would encourage those attending the concert to stay for the Meet and Greet Reception in the Lobby afterward to thank her for this generosity. Others can express their appreciation by contacting her via
Forrest W. Schultz
Grantville, GA

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