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[Coweta Arts Tidbits] Musicology of Newnan Announces Summer Camps

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March 16, 2009

Musicology of Newnan Announces Summer Camps


     Musicology of Newnan has just announced their 2009 Summer Camps.  Additional information, including the qualifications of their instructors, can be found on their website  This is the press release they have just issued:


Musicology 2009 Summer Camps

 (Call or email Kelly for more information)





Camping At The Seashore   with Mary Boyd                                   June 1-5

                                                                                                                                   Ages 4 - 8

Remember the magic of holding a seashell to your ear and hearing the ocean or watching sea creatures run along the sand?  Imagine your child learning and playing this summer at the magical place where the ocean meets the land. Encounter creatures of the sea; whale, pelicans and turtles. Study shells and make paper boats; dance and leap like the waves! Activities include: singing and dancing, movement activities, and playing instruments; story time about the magical seashore; making instruments to take home; listening to the sounds of the seashore and to the viola, harp and flute; simple nature crafts and art activities; family time with siblings to end each day.

Materials include: Musikgarten CD; 11x17" sea picture for each child with cut-out animals; parent activity book.


Successful Songwriting  with Diane Durrett                          June 2-30

                                                                                                        Ages 13 and up


Whether you're a poet, musician or a little of both, you'll find this songwriting class will not only develop writing technique, but you'll have a broader and better knowledge for listening and playing as well.

This class will meet on Tuesday nights from 7-9 PM. Whether you write lyrics, music, or both, this workshop is designed just for you.  In five class days you are guaranteed to have written a fantastic new song. Lead by a music industry veteran, you'll cover the important aspects of song writing - from finding a good "hook" to developing a chorus;  creating your music then fine tuning the entire package to make it perfect.  In addition, you'll learn important industry information regarding copy-writing and songwriter affiliations. On the last day you'll have the opportunity to perform and share our successful new songs.


Performance in the Park                                                                            June 8-12

            with Cindy Tipton & Lacy Yates                                                    Ages 6-14


Some of us are players and some just learning.  Whichever you are, this class is an excellent opportunity to put another essential brick in your music foundation. Join Cindy and Lacy in learning the art of performing. You will learn how to prepare for a performance, how to perform, and etiquette for watching a performance.  Participants will play games and activities to help learn the basics of music theory.  At the end of the week students will perform a show for family and friends at the GreenvilleStreetPark. This camp is open to students that play piano, violin, guitar or that sing.



Introduction to Fretted Instruments                                   June 8-12

      with Patrick Thompson                                                                    Ages 11 and up 


Have you seen all the instruments hanging in Patrick's studio and wondered what they are?  Join Patrick as he introduces the guitar, banjo, bass, and mandolin. You'll explore each instrument's timbre, range, and how they are played solo and in an ensemble, along with playing techniques for each. We'll listen and identify what makes up a song, including; verse, chorus, bridge, and organization. Get ready to be creative as we will create parts for everyone to learn and play together. Each student will take home handouts and a CD of the end-of-week performance. No prior musical knowledge is needed to participate.   




What's That Rhythm...   with Torrie Boyd                                   June 15-19   

                                                                                                                                           Ages 12 and up

Are you a musician who has trouble reading music or learning songs on your instrument because of complicated rhythms...Or maybe you have a hard time remembering a song because you don't know how to chart it out. If you fit one or both of those categories this is the summer workshop for you. This workshop will explore the in's and out's of rhythmic dictation and song charting. You the student will learn how to recognize all types of rhythms ranging from simple to complex; learn how to sight-read any rhythm on your instrument regardless of what you play; learn how to read in any time signature. You will also learn how to dictate and chart any song within 5-10 minutes. This workshop will include material, fun activities, group participation and snacks. So if you want to have better time playing, have better reading skills and have the ability to learn any song on the fly then don't hesitate to sign up for this workshop. All instruments welcome.


Studio Time        with David Puett                                     June 22-26  & July 18, 25

                                                                                                                                      Ages 14 and up

Strap on the headphones and climb into the mixing chair. In this camp you will be given the chance to experience what a professional session player does in the studio. You'll be learning basic recording techniques such as mic placement and tone as well as the engineering side of recoding too. We'll also cover ideas and techniques for creating good improvised solos. At the end of the week students will have recording multiple tracks and will have taken part in the creation of a CD. (CDs will be handed out or mailed within 3 weeks of the camp, after final mastering is done).



Rock Band   with Patrick Thompson, David Puett, Torrie Boyd

                                                                                                                                               July 6-10

                              Ages 14 and up

Are you ready to be a rock star? Well you are going to need a good band to get there. (long hair not required). At Rock Band Camp you will be teamed up with other musicians to make your own band. This camp is for guitar players, drummers, bass players, keyboardists, and singers. You'll choose songs to create a set list, learn the set, and then record the set so that you can take it home. We'll create band names, take band photos, and at the end of the week you'll all compete in "Battle of the Bands".  Participants must have had at least 6 months of prior musical instruction.



Rock That Songwriting   with Patrick Thompson                        July 20-24

                                                                                                                                        Ages 13 and up

It may seem your favorite rocker just climbs on stage and spontaneously belts out a song.  In reality, there can be as much songwriting prep in rock guitar as there is in a Mozart sonata.  If you're a guitarist who has ever wanted to write a rock song, but never know where to begin, this is the camp for you. We'll learn about the history of guitar "riffs", and discuss the composition of classic rock songs from the greats: Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Smashing Pumpkins, and more. Bring your axe (guitar), and come prepared to share your creative side as everyone will finish the week with their own newly composed rock song! Participants need at least 6 months of prior lessons to be able to participate.


MusicofAmerica    with Jody Butler                                    (Schedule to Follow)

                                                                                                                                              Ages 7-12

You know that America is a melting pot, and that's true of her music as well.  This class is for players of any instrument.  We'll learn about the music of Native Americans, Appalachia, Hawaii, the blues, and jazz.  We'll learn about their history and development and explore their instruments, rhythms, and lyrics with fun activities.  Every day, we'll learn to play a song that's related to the day's theme, and students will receive handouts in a take-home packet. 




Jamming Time    with Jody Butler & Ken Spake                      (Schedule to Follow)

                                                                                                               Ages 10 and up

Would you like to join in the Musicology jam nights but you're not sure that you know the right chords or can keep up with the tunes? Here's your chance to learn some jam favorites, practice your skills playing with a group, and even lead the class in a tune or two of your choice. Each participant will receive a binder with popular jam tunes, including chords, chord diagrams, and lyrics. Participants in this camp should be comfortable changing between basic chords such as C, G, D, A, E etc.

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