Tuesday, September 01, 2009

[Coweta Arts Tidbits] John Hickman in Book Signing at Powers Festival

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August 31, 2009


John Hickman in Book Signing at Powers Festival


     John Hickman has recently written three novels based set in a fictionalized Coweta County in days of yore.  He will be signing the two most recently written ones -- Common Clay and The Right Edge of Evil at the Powers Crossroads Festival on Labor Day weekend, September 5 through 7.  Information on Hickman and his books can be found on his website www.jwhickman.com.  Information on the Powers Festival is found on their website www.powersfestival.org. The book signing will take place at the refreshment stand directly across from the stage where the musicians will be performing.


   Hickman was the one who arranged for these book signings by Coweta authors to take place at last year's Powers Festival.  This will be the second year these signings are being held at Powers.  Hickman's importance as a Coweta writer can also be seen from the articles about his books published in Newnan's Times-Herald newspaper and from the inclusion of Hickman in the special article on Southside authors in the July 2009 issue of Lifestyles magazine.  Hickman is also a member of the rapidly growing Coweta Writers Group, half of whose 56  members are now published book authors.

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