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[Coweta Arts Tidbits] Newnan Photographer Paul Conlan Addresses Students at Arts Centre

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April 20, 2007
Newnan Photographer Paul Conlan Addresses Students at Arts Centre
The Coweta County Schools and the Centre for Performing and Visual Arts of Coweta County are to be commended for arranging for local high school students to hear an address by one of the County's most distinguished photographic artists, Paul Conlan of Newnan. Conlan has been repeatedly recognized for his accomplishments. Last year he was named the Photographer of the Year by the Roswell Photographic Society. In 2005 he won the top prize at the prestigious Slow Exposures Photographic Exhibition of the Rural South held in Pike County. Conlan has also been honored by Slow Exposures by being given a place on the organizing committee and being placed in charge of the design of their new website

High School Student Photography Presentation and Exhibit
Last Tuesday evening, Paul Conlan of Newnan provided a presentation for Coweta County high school students interested in photography and the arts.

The event, held at The Centre for Performing and Visual Arts, was attended by more than 50 students plus teachers. After a dinner provided by the Arts Centre, Don Nixon, Director of the Arts Centre, introduced Paul who discussed the practice of street photography which he defined as capturing unposed images of life around us.

He reviewed some the historical roots of street photography and the work of Henri Cartier-Bresson (1908 - 2004), the French photographer who was one of the first to adopt the then new and relatively light weight 35 mm camera to more easily record the "decisive moments" of life.
Paul explained his own practice of street photography and the vision, skills, techniques and equipment best suited to this type of photography. His presentation included two virtual photo excursions one in Atlanta and the second in the Newnan Coweta County area. Each featured many of Paul's photographs.

He also announced a photography show and competition for Coweta County high school students which he will judge.

Students must submit their photos and entry forms by May 14th.

Selected photographs will be included in an exhibit at the Arts Centre in August and cash awards will be presented. The student show will be held in conjunction with an exhibit of Paul's photographs. Student entry forms and submission details are available from the art and photography teachers at each high school.

To view some of Paul's photographs, you may visit his website at

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