Monday, September 10, 2007

[Coweta Arts Tidbits] 20 Coweta Writers Coming to Book Signing on Grantville Day

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Composed By:  Forrest W. Schultz  770-583-3258
September 10, 2007
20 Coweta Writers Coming to Book Signing at Grantville Day
     The literary arts are alive and well in Coweta County and must be considerd an important facet of the overall Coweta arts scene. A dramatic demonstration of this fact will be provided this coming weekend at the Coweta Authors Book Signing Extravaganza (CABSE).  All Coweta authors of a published book have been invited to participate in the CABSE, and 20 have accepted the invitation.  That number might sound  high to most people but it is actually only about half of all Coweta's published book authors.  Some authors cannot attend because of schedule conflicts, physical infimities, or other reasons. 
     There is a great variety among the authors and among the kinds of books they have written.  There is biography, history, how-to books, children's books, inspiration, paranormal thrillers, fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, suspense, romance, poetry, and even a book on educational theory! The CABSE will provide the public with an opportunity to meet these authors and acquire autographed copies of their books.  The CABSE will be a special feature of the New Grantville Days Festival (traditionally called "Grantville Day").  The authors will be seated behind a long row of tables at the east end of Main Street.  The tables will be open on Saturday September 15 from 10 AM through 5 PM and on Sunday September 16 from 12 Noon through 5 PM.  The Grantville Day Committee is to be commended for this pioneering effort to focus attention on the literary arts and for bringing the authors out to where the people are.
There is no admission charge to Grantville Day or to the CABSE.
     Grantville is located at Exit 35 of I-85.  Information on Grantville Day is available at  Info on the CABSE is available from its Co-ordinator, Forrest Schultz, at 770-583-3258 or      

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