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[Coweta Arts Tidbits] Musical Theatre Backgrounds of Coweta Students (Kelsi Adams and Abby Mortenson) in Backyard Kids Theatre's Production of Cinderella

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June 1, 2009

Two Coweta Students in Backyard Kids Theatre Production of Cinderella
Kelsi Adams and Abby Mortensen Experienced in Musical Theatre
     By now everyone who is au courant with the Southside performing arts scene knows about the Fayette-based Backyard Kids Theatre, their upcoming production of Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella on June 13 & 14 in Fayetteville, and that there will be two Coweta County students involved, Kelsi Adams and Abby Mortenson.  (Anyone who has missed this or wants more details than in the accounts you have read, can consult this website  Both Kelsi and Abby were asked to be involved because of their impressive performing arts backgrounds, which is easily shown by their involvement in two of the most important works of musical theatre which were produced on the Southside last year.
     Kelsi Adams played the role of the Southern Belle Temperance Weatherby in The Twilight Theatre's performance of Frank Wildhorn's The Civil War last year at The Wadsworth.  She also was on the cast of the recent performance of Oklahoma at the Centre for Performing and Visual Arts of Coweta County.  The photograph below shows Kelsi, who is the Hair and Make Up Co-ordinator, assisting the lead actress, Paige McCauley, who is playing the role of Cinderella.  At the age of 17, Kelsi is also serving as a role model for the other students, who are younger than she is.  
     Abby Mortenson was a member of the VOICES Youth Ensemble which performed in the prestigious Christmas Mist Concert in December last year at The Wadsworth under the leadership of Artistic Director Maria Pia Ugarte, who is one of the leading instructors in vocal arts on the Southside.  Abby Mortenson is one of Ugarte's students at her studio in Fayetteville, which is a great honor, especially for someone as young as Abby, who is only in fifth grade!   The photograph below shows Abby in her role as cloth merchant during the beginning of the show.  Later in the show she plays the role of a palace maiden dancing several numbers in the ball.  She will also be featured in several vocal solos.       
Kelsi Adams...has grown up being very involved in musical theatre.  Recently, she was seen in Oklahoma at the Coweta Performing Arts Center and in Civil War with Twilight Theatre.  Because of her mulitude of talents, Kelsi was asked to help...with the production of Cinderella.  ...She volunteered to assist as the Hair and Make-up Coordinator.  As such, Kelsi will serve as an adviser for the cast on proper hair and make-up techniques.  Additionally, she will be responsible for ensuring Cinderella and the other cast members stay looking their best for the production.  Here you will see Kelsi assisting lead actress Paige McCauley as Cinderella.  "Kelsi is a great role model for the kids involved in the show, and we are thrilled to have her serve in this advisory and an important support role for Backyard Kids Theatre."  Lisa McCauley, General Manager.
Abby Mortensen......  Abby is in the ensemble where she plays two important roles.  She is a cloth merchant villager in the opening numbers.  Then, later in the show, she is a palace maiden at the ball, where she dances in a couple ballroom numbers.  Abby has been a welcome addition to our cast and adds impressive vocal skills. 
Thanks, Lisa
Abby and Camille are my students.  You saw them all during the December show
Abby and Camille were part of the youth ensemble.  They are both part of my private studio in Fayetteville.

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