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Coweta Arts Tidbits

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June 10, 2009


Buddy Simmons Skypilot and Fugitive's Revenge Books Now In Print


     Several months ago the word went out that Newnan author George "Buddy" Simmons, after a series of wild setbacks, had finally gotten his two Western novels published --  as electronic books (on the http://www.tercoe. com/author- buddy-simmons. html website).


    Now Simmons has proudly announced that the two books have been printed.  And he is very pleased with the quality of the books and the speed with which they were produced by the publisher, Jawbone Publishing Company, which is located in Newnan.  Information on these books is available at his brand new website, specially created for them:  http://www.unclebud Skypilot. html and http://www.unclebud Revenge.html.. 


    Simmons is now in the final stages of completing his third novel, a boy-and-his- dog story entitled Tramp.  This too will be published by Jawbone later this year.

    Simmons has had many Western short stories published in the Louis L'Amour Magazine and was intending to have his novels published by that publisher when he discovered to his horror that the company had folded when the Editor died!  Then HE almost died from a series of heart attacks.  Now it appears that the rough ride is over for a while and things are going more smoothly!  In the past Simmons was on the radio as "Uncle Buddy", where he spun many a yarn.  Now there is an opportunity to read some of these yarns in his books.
     Simmons is a member of the Coweta Writers Group from whose members he has asked for advice and with whose members he has shared his triumphs.

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