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[Coweta Arts Tidbits] Coweta Author C. E. Walz Publishes Award-Winning "Alley Loo"

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August 13, 2009


Award-Winning Coweta Author C. E. Walz Publishes Alley Loo


  Coweta Author C. E. Walz has won the Dragon Fly Publishing Best Book Award for her recently published children's book Alley Loo:  A Spooky Swamp Tale.  The book also has gotten a five-star review from Lori Calabrese of the Children's Book Examiner, which was published in the Amazon Customer Reviews last week.  Calabrese has also conducted an interview of Walz which was published in the July 31, 2009 issue of the Children's Book Examiner.  Both the review and interview are helpful in learning about Walz and her book.  Additional information is available on her website


     Walz has been teaching writing and English for many years.  She currently heads the middle school English Department at Woodward Academy in College Park.  She lives in Newnan in the same subdivision as another award winning children's author, Kimberly Campbell.    They also both belong to the Childrens Book Authors and Illustrators organization as well as the Coweta Writers Group. 


     Walz plans to join other Coweta authors in the book signing for local authors which will be held at the Powers Festival over the Labor Day Weekend.  She will also be participating later in a yet to be announced program at The Carnegie in Newnan, which has not yet opened.


    Walz (her pen name and maiden name) is married to singer/guitarist James Sennett, who is known as the Songman, who performs at local venues and will be one of the singers at Grantville Day.









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