Saturday, August 22, 2009

[Coweta Arts Tidbits] Swanee Ballman Publishes Exodus From America

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August 22, 2009


Swanee Ballman Publishes Exodus From America


     Swanee Ballman keeps very busy with her Newnan-based Jawbone Publishing Company but she still manages to squeeze out enough time to continue writing her own books.  Since moving to Coweta from Florida, she has written two novels -- Day Zero last year and now, hot off the press, Exodus From America.  Here is what she has to say about her latest one:  "What happens when a group of conservatives devises an alternative to life under an extreme, progressive President? What happens to them? What happens to the United States?" 


     Information on her Jawbone Publishing Company is available on its website and information on her own books is available at 


     Swanee Ballman is a member of the Coweta Writers Group and is a co-founder of  Christian Writers United, which is based in Newnan.  She has also contributed to the Coweta literary scene by publishing (through Jawbone) books by several other Coweta writers and by being one of the speakers at last year's Newnan-based Southern Writers Conference.


    Ballman is also contributing through her own writing to the burgeoning Coweta literary arts scene whose writers for the past three years have been having books published at the rate of one per month.  This rate is continuing into 2009:  Exodus From America is the seventh book published by Coweta writers so far this year.


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