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[Coweta Arts Tidbits] Newnan-Based Jawbone Publishes 200th Book

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August 28, 2009


200th Book Published By Newnan-Based Jawbone Publishing Co.


Owner Swanee Ballman Expresses Gratitude To Coweta

     Swanee Ballman has not only been contributing to the Coweta literary scene through her Newnan-based Jawbone Publishing Company, she has also contributed through her membership in the Coweta Writers Group and in the Christian Writers United and through being one of the speakers at last year's Newnan-based Southern Writers Conference.  Jawvbone recently pulblished its 200th book, which provided the opportunity for her
to think about what Coweta means to her, which she expressed in this news release:   


Jawbone Publishing Corporation relocates to Newnan


      Newnan, GA – Jawbone Publishing Corporation, formerly located in Kissimmee, FL, moved to Coweta County in late 2007. By the end of 2009, its new publishing and printing facility will be completed on property outside Newnan.

      "We have the capacity to digitally print and bind books on the latest digital equipment, which we ordered from Denmark," said Swanee Ballman, president of Jawbone. "Printers once needed huge Heidelberg presses to do what we now print on equipment that doesn't take up much more space than a double-car garage."

      Frank and Swanee Ballman chose to relocate to Coweta County after their son, Shane, was transferred to Atlanta. "With each visit to Newnan, we were more convinced that we wanted to live here. It's small enough to be family-oriented but large enough to meet all of our needs. That's exactly why we love it here," said Ballman, who closed their storefront in the shadows of Disney World, sold their home in Kissimmee, and bought property in Coweta County. "We love the people here as well as the change of seasons."

      "Many authors and readers contact us through our website ( However, Georgia authors have already discovered us. We're presently working with six Georgia writers, four of whom reside in the Newnan-Sharpsburg area," said Ballman.

      Along with Linda Jennings, Ballman is active in the newly formed Christian Writers United, which holds monthly meetings in Newnan. (For information,  contact .)  This group is publishing its first anthology of short compositions in November.

      "I worked with both private and public schools in Florida on student anthologies and hope to get local students fired up about writing," said Ballman, who has published nine titles and four screenplays of her own through three publishing houses. She has also received numerous awards for her writing. She is a former high school English teacher who served as a writing consultant for a large publishing house for eight years. She is also a former member of the board of the Florida Publishers Association and a regional director of the Florida Writers Association.

      Ballman has spoken about writing before many organizations and can be contacted at



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