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[Coweta Arts Tidbits] Daniel Piar Photography Show At Arts Clayton in May

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April 20, 2009

Coweta Photographer Daniel Piar Show at Arts Clayton Gallery In May

     Last year Photographic Artist Daniel Piar of Sharpsburg accomplished a great feat by winning the statewide Juried Photography Show of Arts Clayton.  He is now back in the news again, this time for his upcoming show at the Arts Clayton Gallery in May.  The following information about this show was released today (April 20) by Arts Clayton: 
Coming in May- Structure & Space, Daniel Piar

Join us in May as we celebrate the fine photography of 2008 Juried Photography Show winner, Daniel Piar. 

There is structure in a building, but there is also structure in the line of a horizon, the shape of a tree, or the angle of a hummingbird's wings.  These structures define the spaces in which we live, and into which we look.  When we fully see these structures and the spaces they create, then the ordinary becomes extraordinary.  Large things become intimate, and small things become infinite.  When we are seeing well, we can see beyond surfaces, and our seeing transforms the world. – Daniel Piar


Daniel F. Piar has been photographing in a variety of formats, both film and digital, for over a decade.  His work emphasizes the built environment, the natural environment, and the interaction of humans with the landscape.  His photographs are held in private collections and in the permanent collection of the Arts Clayton Gallery.  His work has also appeared in numerous juried shows, including Slow Exposures, the annual Newnan-Coweta Arts Association exhibit, and the inaugural Nature, Undisturbed show sponsored by the Southern Conservation Trust.  In addition to photographing, he does all of his own editing, printing and framing to maintain complete control over the creative process..  Daniel holds a bachelor's degree from Harvard and a law degree from Yale; he lives in Sharpsburg, GA with his wife and daughter.  For more information, please visit his website at

Show runs 5.5.2009 - 5.29.2009
Opening reception is May 7 from 5:30-7:30pm. 
Below is shown Ladder by Daniel Piar, winner of the 2008 Juried Photography Exhibition of Arts Clatyon.

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