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[Coweta Arts Tidbits] "Merl" Creator Kimberly Daniel Participating in Senoia's "Art of Green" On

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April 14, 2009


Kimberly "Kimbo" Daniel Participating in Senoia's "Art of Green"


Fayette County Artist The Creator of The Poem and Sculpture Merl 

    Carla Cook Smith has announced that the famous Fayette artist, poet, and acress Kimberly "Kimbo" Daniel will be a participant in Senoia's "Art of Green" exhibition held on April 25. Daniel is already known to Coweta artists by her membership in the Newnan-Coweta Art Association. (NCAA).  Smith has provided us with the following information on Daniel, including her famous poem Merl and her famous sculpture Merl (based on the poem) shown below.
Fayette County Artist Participates in Earth Day Art Show in Senoia
"The Art of Green" sidewalk art show will feature the work of Kimberly "Kimbo" Daniel among other artists Saturday, April 25th in historic downtown Senoia. "Kimbo" to everyone excepting her son Daniel, who knows her as "Mombo," says she has been an artist as long as she can remember. At the age of seven, she was pulled out of class so that college students could study her work and observe her creative expression. Following that experience, her family encouraged Kimbo through classes and art supplies. After graduation, Kimbo attended the Art Institute in Atlanta and later certified through the University of Georgia in graphic design.
Today, Kimbo paints, sculpts, sings, writes poetry as well as music, and goes to casting calls for acting parts. Kimbo has been producing recycled sculptures for over 14 years. The artist refers to the sculptures as her "people," which are innovative, fun, and sometimes profound. Kimbo's sculptures each include a message through a song or poem.
"Merl" is a doll with a tree growing out of her head. Her poem relates the fable, "Merl."  ©  Kimberly "Kimbo" Daniel  
There once was a poor, jealous girl named Merl.
She'd sit in a tree and acorns she'd hurl.
As the socialites would walk by
She'd be up very high
looking at their fancy clothing and jewels.
She'd get a gleam in her eye
(And I still don't know why)
But she'd aim for the backs of their heads.
(Here comes the part that I dread)…
….The acorns kept dropping.
There was just no stopping!
It hurt, and the people would cry.
She'd laugh as they ran quickly by.
One night, after playing, Merl was heard saying,
"I wish I had gold, jewels and pearls."
The next morning when she woke
(this is no joke) the little girl's wish had come true!
Out of her head a branch had sprung
(to remind her of the things she'd done).
It was made of pure gold,
(at least that's what I'm told) and the acorns were
all pearly white.
You may find this amusing
But the path that you're choosing
may not be the right way to go.
Don't despair. Life can be fair.
Look at Merl.
She got what she wanted,
And what she deserved!!

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