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[Coweta Arts Tidbits] Newnan-based Etreasures Publishes Its 50th Book

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April 17, 2009

Newnan-based Etreasures Publishes Its 50th Book


     Vickie Kennedy of Newnan today is celebrating the publication of the 50th book by her etreasures Publishing Company.  Etreasures is important for the Coweta scene not only as a publisher based in Coweta but also for the books by Cowetans it has published.  Kennedy herself has had four of her books published by etreasures.  Her fellow Newnanite Christina Barber had her award winning Greystone published there, and Ann Westmoreland had three children's books published by etreasures while she was living in Newnan.  Tony Boyd Priest from Sharpsburg had his Call Sign:  Iceman published there.  At first Kennedy only published books by Georgia authors, but soon began doing so for authors all over the country, and even in a few foreign countries..  Info is available on its website

    Here are Kennedy's own words about what this means to her:
eTreasures publishes it's 50th book!
Here at eTreasures, we take pride in the quality of books we accept.  Out of the hundreds we've received since we started in September, 2006, we selected only the best stories for our line of books.  Books take time to publish.  There are many steps each book has to go through.  First, it goes to Acquisitions.  They determine if the book meets our minimal standards.  If it's accepted, it goes to an editor who reads the story and checks for typing errors,  Then, if no re-writes are needed, it goes to another editor for grammar and punctuation, and lastly, to a copyeditor for word by word structure and clarification.  While these steps are going on, we create the cover art and send to the author for approval.  Once the book is edited, it's then formatted for publishing, the cover is added, and then it's converted to e-book.  It's then sent to the author for approval.  The author gets a chance to read over it, make any changes, and once those final changes are made,  it's released to the public through our site, and over 50 e-book re-sellers worldwide.  After the e-book is released, the book requested for print is then created.  Again, going through the many steps needed, with different specifications, and a long list of re-sellers of print books.  By then, we've polished and fine tuned the book to be as professional and perfect as it can get. 
Today, April 17, 2009 we have published our 50th e-book!  We still have more lined up for the year, but 50 books in two and a half years is remarkable. 

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