Wednesday, October 10, 2007

[Coweta Arts Tidbits] 92 Year Old Coweta Author Mary Busser In Lifestyles

The burgeoning Coweta County arts scene in recent times has been rife with all kinds of great accomplishments One of the greatest and most unusual of these happened earlier this year when 92 year old Mary Busser of Newnan completed the writing and publishing of her first book, My Name Is Mary.

And, believe it or not, she is now at work on a second book!

A beautiful photograph of Mary and an article about her triumph is found in the current issue (October 2007) of Lifestyles magazine on page 64. Her fellow members in the Coweta Writers Group who have heard her recite her poems at their meetings are well aware of her great enthusiasm for them -- few poets young or old have ever read their poetry with such excitement. There is no substitute for actually hearing poetry recited by the author but the next best thing is to read the poems in the author's book. It is her desire for others to know them that moved Mary Busser to devote the effort needed to share them by means of her book. The book also includes interesting autobiographic tidbits and observations on human life.
Part of the Lifestyles article is taken from her book and the rest is a question and answer session with the article's writer Deborah McCague. Copies of the magazine are available free of charge at the Newnan-Coweta Public Library and similar places throughout the Southside. Information on Mary Busser and her book is available on her website

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