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[Coweta Arts Tidbits] Wilson's Fall Play for 2007: John Wallace and The Vampire

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 October 7, 2007
Wilson's Fall Play for 2007:  John Wallace and The Vampire
     Each year from 2000 through 2006 David A. Wilson wrote, directed, and produced a play performed in the Grantville Auditorium centered on the vampire story writer Barbara Nolan.  This year's vampire play will be different -- it will focus on one of Georgia's greatest villain's -- Meriwether County political boss John Wallace, who became nationally notorious for Crossing the Line and committing the infamous Murder in Coweta County. Because of the great interest expected in this play, there will be performances for three nights, instead of just the usual Saturday night show.  The venue will be the same as for the Barbara Nolan plays, except that it is now called The Sara O'Kelley Auditorium, named in honor of one of Grantville's longtime elementary school teachers -- in fact, Wilson was one of her students.  The following information about the play and venue were taken from the website of the Grantville Playmakers,, which is run by Colby Doler, who is the Director of the Wallace play.
John Wallace was a real killer, put to death for only one of many murders 59 years ago by the state of Georgia. But what if John had a chance to escape his unfortunate fate. What if he had a supernatural chance? What if John Wallace had an opportunity to live forever?
Come see it on one or all of three nights!
Thursday, Friday and Saturday
October 25th, 26th and 27th!
Welcome to the home of the Grantville Playmakers!
The Sarah O'kelley Auditorium
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This is the beautiful Sarah O'kelley Auditorium! It is currently being restored by a number of small funds. To help with the restoration of this wonderful building, attend the Grantville Playmakers productions. 100% of proceeds generated from the plays go directly towards the Sarah O'kelley Auditorium Restoration Fund!
Adults: $8.00
Children (10 & younger) and Seniors (55 & older): $5.00
Children in Halloween Costume: $3.00
Refreshments will be available for purchase

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