Wednesday, October 17, 2007

[Coweta Arts Tidbits] Farewell Party For Dan Blake on October 26 at Renae Barton Art Gallery

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 October 17, 2007
Farewell Party For Dan Blake at Renae Barton Gallery on October 26
     Artist Dan Blake  has found Coweta County to be a good place to produce art but not a good place to market it.  Therefore he regretfully will be leaving us in a few weeks.  During the past several weeks some of his art work has been displayed at the new Renae Barton Art Gallery (located inside the Shops of Beard & Co.) on Jefferson Street in Newnan.  More of his art works are being added to his display there in preparation for a special Farewell Party for him to be held on October 26 from 6 PM through 8 PM.  Perhaps Blake's best known and admired pieces are his Indian art works, which is not surprising because he has spent several years doing anthropological studies of Indian tribes in the Southwestern United States and in South America during which time he came to appreciate them and their art.  Perhaps the most interesting work in the Barton Gallery is a very large piece which sits on the floor and displays what looks like a very large 10 number  telephone pad, with various objects and sayings interspersed between the numbers in a manner reminiscent of some of the art of Gerald Byrd from Carrollton.
     Not all of Blake's art works will be found in the Gallery.  He is actually giving some of it away!  To check this out go to the building he has been renting, the former Manget Brannon building (across the street from the Newnan Theatre), and you will see piles of his works with a sign saying "Free Art".  
      One of the legacies Blake will leave behind him is the concept of displaying paintings on the walls of the Espresso Lane Coffee House -- something he did which was then followed by the Newnan-Coweta Art Association in their monthly themed exhibits.
     For more information on the art of Dan Blake one can visit his website at

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