Wednesday, October 10, 2007

[Coweta Arts Tidbits] Artist Dan Blake Moving; Giving Away Art Works

There have been all kinds of interesting things going on in the Coweta arts scene. The latest gem is that a prominent artist is actually giving away some of his art work! Dan Blake, one of the greatest artists on the Southside, has enjoyed his stay in Coweta and has produced and displayed a lot of art here but he is not satisfied with the art market around here, which is the reason for his move.

He will be taking a lot of his art with him when he leaves several weeks from now, but not all. He will also be giving some of it away. Here are his exact words: "All of the wall art that is hanging on the outside of my building (M. B. 1st & Long) is free for the taking. most of it needs a little T.L.C. There is a "free art" sign on the side of the building. I'll be adding to the pile as I take them down over the next couple of weeks." By M.B. he means (what used to be the) Manget Brannon building, which is across the street from the Newnan Theatre.

Some of Blake's art works are now being displayed at the Renae Barton Art Gallery, which is inside The Shops of Beard & Co., which is adjacent to the Newnan Times Herald building on Jefferson Street in downtown Newnan. There also will soon be an announcement about a special going-away show for Dan Blake at the Renae Barton Gallery, so stay tuned

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