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[Coweta Arts Tidbits] Coweta Arts in Perspectives Magazine

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September 17, 2008


Coweta Arts Scene in September Perspectives Magazine:


Janet Baggarley, Todd Key, Gary Gruby and Veranda Inn Art Gallery


     The burgeoning Coweta County arts scene is gaining ever more recognition.  A good example of this is found in the September issue of Perspectives magazine which is devoted to articles about art, entertainment, and uplifting stories.


     Coweta County is not only creating a lot of new visual and performing and literary arts, it also includes people concerned about its history.  One such person is Janet Baggarley from Senoia, whose efforts thru her Buggy Shop are discussed in the feature article "Local Woman Preserves History" found on page 9. 


     Surprisingly few people from Coweta County are aware of one of our nation's greatest entertainers -- comedic juggler Todd Key from Grantville.  Our armed forces, though, are well aware of him because over the past several years he has provided entertainment for them under the auspices of the USO.  You can read about it in the article "Georgia Juggler Entertains Troops" on pages 26 & 27.


     Photographer Gary Gruby is best known for his striking photos of people and places in Senoia.  The feature article about him on pages 38-40 is appropriately entitled "Gary Gruby a portrait of Senoia".  One of these photos is found on the notice for this year's SlowExposures exhibition, an ad for which is found on page 2.  (The story behind SlowExposures is found in an article on pages 12-14.)


     A news clip "Veranda Inn Art Gallery Opens in Senoia" is found on page 61 along with a photo of the three artists whose works were exhibited in its first show.


     Information about Perspectives is found on its website

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