Monday, September 29, 2008

Google Groups: You've been added to Voices Press Releases

Pia has added you to the Voices Press
Releases group with this message:

Dear Media Supporter & Friend,

It is a wonderful thing when a community comes together and accomplishes
something of beauty that can be enjoyed by so many. We most certainly consider
you a part of the Voices family and sincerely appreciate your ongoing and
committed support.

As we continue to grow, to allow more manageble and efficient communication
with you, we have created an online press release distribution center. Our
media communications will start to be routed through the VoicesPressReleases
group. They will also be permanently available at this site for your use and

Please accept our deep and sincere gratitute for the ongoing support you
provide us and for helping us make "beautiful sounds that open the hearts of

We look forward to sharing with you our next event!

Maria Pia Ugarte
Artistic Director

Here is the group's description:

Press releases distribution for Voices.

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