Monday, September 15, 2008

[Coweta Arts Tidbits] Coweta Author Mike Ottensmeyer Speaking at Peachtree City LitFest

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September 15, 2008


Coweta Author Mike Ottensmeyer Speaking at PTC LitFest 

     Jilly Prouty, Administrator of the Peachtree City Library, has announced the activities for this year's Annual Literary Festival, LitFest, sponsored by the Library.  One of the speakers at LitFest is Coweta County author Mike Ottensmeyer, who writes using the pen name "Michael George".  Ottensmeyer is a member of the Coweta Writers Group. The PTC LitFest is the latest example of recognition being given to Coweta's authors of recently published books.  Lit Fest will be held this coming weekend, September 19 thru 21.  Ottensmeyer will be one of the speakers on Saturday's activities, which will be held at City Hall.
     Here is Prouty's announcement concerning Ottensmeyer's (pen name Michael George) contribution:
Author Michael George of Newnan will discuss his book The Melon Boys at 3 p.m. A coming of age story, The Melon Boys was largely influenced by George's own experience working alongside black sharecroppers and migrant workers in the watermelon fields of southern Alabama and South Carolina in 1968."
     Info on the Library is found on its website
 Info on Mike Ottensmeyer is available on his website 

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