Wednesday, September 24, 2008

[Grantville Day] Pony Rides at Grantville Day




Composed By: Forrest W. Schultz 770-583-3258

September 23, 2008
Holly McKay Family Pony Rides At Grantville Day
     Grantville Day this year will be reviving something that has been missing the past few years -- Pony Rides!!  These Pony Rides will be conducted by Holly McKay who operates a family owned business called "Pony Parties".  Information on Pony Parties is available on their website
     Grantville Day will be held this weekend on Saturday September 27 beginning at 10 AM and Sunday September 28 beginning at 12 Noon.  The official name this year is the Grantville Days Crosstie Festival.  Grantville is located at Exit 35 on Interstate 85.  Information about Grantville Day is available from Sandra Luttrell at  or by calling her at 770-583-2147 or by dropping in and talking with her at the Luttrells' Family Restaurant on Main Street in Grantville.

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