Monday, September 15, 2008

[Coweta Arts Tidbits] Linda Jennings Co-Hosts TV Show -- New Times Announced

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 September 15, 2008


Linda Jennings Co-Hosts TV Show:  New Times Announced


     Linda Jennings of Newnan was in the news recently in connection with the book she published last year, Life Within The Veil -- she will be signing copies of it at the Coweta Authors Book Signing Extravaganza on September 27 & 28 in Grantville as part of Grantville Day.  Well, she is back in the news again -- this time as a television show hostess.  For the past four years she has co-hosted a show called Tea With Maggie and Linda.  The program is broadcast at various times both from Atlanta and from Newnan.  The Atlanta stations are Channels 19 and 24 on Charter Cable, and the Newnan station is Channel 95 on NU Link (NU stands for Newnan Utilities).  They invite guests onto the show which they believe will have something to say which will help Christians become more mature in the their walk with God. 


    The website of the show is  This website provides biographical info about the two co-hostesses and videos of some of the recent guest who have been on the show.


    Jennings recently announced that the times the show is broadcast have been changed.  The new times are shown below.


Charter Cable:          Channel 19    Mon thru Sat:  9 AM & 3 PM


                                                      Sunday:  8 PM


                                 Channel 24    Daily:  6:30 AM


                                                      Mon thru Thurs:  11 PM


                                                      Fri thru Sun:  6:30 PM




Nu Link                    Channel 95    Mon thru Sat:  9 AM & 3 PM


                                                      Sun:  8 PM


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