Friday, June 13, 2008

[Coweta Arts Tidbits] Christina Barber Published Two More Books

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June 13, 2008
Coweta Author Christina Barber Publishes Two More Books:
A Non-Fiction Ghost Study and a Dark Urban Fantasy
     Christina Barber launched her writing career two years ago with an excellent paranormal thriller (Greystone) which won a Dream Realm Award and brought her to the attention of the Schiffer Publishing Company, which asked her to write up a study of the various ghost stories about the Southside.  While working on this study she also wrote another paranormal novel, this on in the genre known as "Dark Urban Fantasy".  Her website,, provides this information about these two new recently published books:
Seely's Pond (Fiction – Dark urban fantasy)


     Some doors were never meant to be opened. . .   When Julia Tayte and her family move into a small, upscale town in western New Jersey, she unknowingly frees an ancient evil from its watery prison. When blood rains from the sky and an Asian curse settles upon her family, will Julia be able to survive against this powerful force that lurks beneath Seely's Pond?

Now available!


For Independent book stores!:
Spirits of Georgia's Southern Crescent(Including Newnan, Grantville, Union City, Fayetteville)

     History has shown an unsettled face in the Southern Crescent: a ghostly face.
  Take an eerie tour to learn about myths, legends and ghost stories haunting this historic region! Read about Baker Bob, a ghost with a fetish for telephone misuse, or poltergeist George, who throws regular tantrums. Join a female apparition on the bridge in Coweta County who wanders the train tracks at night, screaming for her lost child. Meet Doc Holliday's ghost who frequents the Holliday Dorsey Fife House and Museum; he just may lock you inside. Whether an icy touch, etheral whisper, or shadowy figures, Georgia has tales that will chill you.          

Pre-order available! In stock August 1


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