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[Coweta Arts Tidbits] Southern Writers Conference Organizer Sets Forth Her Hopes

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June 24, 2008
Southern Writers Conference Organizer Sets Forth Her Hopes
Kennedy Calls For Creation of a Coweta Literary Arts Association
     Today the organizer of the Southern Writers Conference (being held in Newnan on July 5)set forth her hopes for what the Conference would accomplish.  This is her statement:
    "What I hope to accomplish with this conference, is to put the literary arts on the map in Coweta County.  Christina Barber and I are planning on starting a Coweta Literary Arts Association.  I approached her with the idea of helping me start it, and she's very willing.  We will get together with other people in the writing industry after the conference to make the plans.  This will not only put authors out there, but eTreasures as well. 
     Far too often, the literary arts are overlooked in this county.  Authors who are published by small companies like mine, are STILL published, although many do not seem to think so because it's not a big, traditional publisher.  I hope to change that misconception.  I want readers to see what wonderful books these authors are writing.  People may ask, "If they are so good, why aren't they accepted by big publishing houses?"  The answer is simple.  Big publishing houses now require authors with an agent.  Agents want authors who have a sales record, or a recommendation by one of their clients.  It's a Catch 22 situation all the way around.  Very few agents are accepting new, unpublished authors.  That's why smaller companies like mine are important.  It gets them published, and gets them a sales record.  True, e-books are harder to sell, but they are selling.  Tony Priest has already sold over 100 copies of his book, Call Sign - 'Iceman' on CD-ROM.  His e-book has been out less than six months.  Others can do the same if they work at it.  Most authors think big publishing houses promote the books they publish.  They do not.  They do less  than I do, as far as promotions go, but I do go one step farther.  Every author published by eTreasures gets three web pages on my site, free of charge.  One is for their photo and short bio, another is for their book description and purchase options, and a third is for reviews of that author's books.  Most publishers give a short description on a page with 10 or more books.  The pages I have offers exclusive coverage for author and book on a page all by itself so there is no distraction from a possible sale.
     True, there are publishers online that take anything across the board just to say they have books, offer low royalties, and do nothing to show the book is even available.  The book gets lost in the shuffle.  In doing so, they have very few sales, poor word of mouth references, and no return buyers.  I want readers to enjoy the books they buy so they will come back for more.  I also want that good recommendation by word of mouth.  I can't get that with poorly written, poorly edited books.  I reject quite a few, but I do not use a form letter.  I explain why it was jrejected, possible ways to fix it, and give an invitation to re-write and re-submit.  Because of that, authors do keep trying without feeling quite so "rejected" and disheartened.  Potential buyers can see the book covers right on the page, or they can search by category, or even by author.  They're very easy to find.
     My advice is, when deciding on a publisher online, look carefully at their site to see what they offer authors in the way of visibly seeing book cover art, and buy one of their books in the same genre (category) that author writes.  Find out if it's well written, or if you would toss it in the trash.  Then you will know if you want to submit to that publisher or not.  Never submit without knowing the quality of the books they are selling!  Believe me, it does tell on them.  That's why I am very strict on what I accept. 
    In addition to putting the literary arts and eTreasures up front in the literary community, I want to introduce e-books as a new way to carry books anywhere to read on any computer, with very little bulk.  E-books are just now coming into focus in the world of books.  Book readers are now being introduced worldwide.  People can download up to 250 books on one e-book reader, such as the new Kindle available at Amazon.  If they don't want to invest that kind of money, however, there are still CD-ROMs available, such as those I offer.  E-books are a new futuristic convenience just starting out.  Find out what great books are getting in on the ground floor. 
     In additon to e-books, I use print on demand type printing, reducing the need for storage space and inventory.  Books are printed as ordered.  The prices are comparable to any big publishing house books, the quality is excellent, and I do all the design and layout in-house.  Several of my authors will be at the conference, offering their books for sale.  I will also have a table with other authors' books, as well as my own, two of which are award winning,  My futuristic time travel suspense is being written for a movie.  People are sure to enjoy this book!  My true crime suspense has been nominated for a movie for LifeTime Television, although has not yet been adapted to screenplay.  My romantic suspense book is based here in Newnan, and gives the reader a taste of recognition, and visitors a taste of a very unique historical town.  Come see what kind of work I produce!
      Please note that the conference is not only for eTreasures authors.  It's open to any author that wants to set up for book signings.  Due to limited seating, it's preferred authors and publishers wanting table space pre-register, although there may be some space still available at the door.  Early and Late Registration Deadlines have already passed, but we will take "at the door" registration in advance, no later than July 1, 2008.  After that, there is no guarantee of a space.  Forms are online.
     There is no charge for the general public to come in for books in the book signing area.  Fees apply for the workshops.  Sign in and registration will be between 8:30-9:30 AM the day of the conference.  Book signing starts at 11:00 AM and closes at 8:00 PM  Come meet great authors and support their hard work.  We'll be at the Holiday Inn Express on Herring Road, just behind the Toyota Dealer on Hwy. 34.  Turn between the dealership and the Wachovia Bank, just one street west, past the RaceTrac Station.
     Hastings Books is helping promote our conference by having flyers at their check out counters!  In addition, Scott's Bookstore has a flyer in their window and a few on their counter.  Expresso Lane, Globe Communications, Kroger, Chervon & Exxon on Hwy. 29 North, at Green Top Rd, all have flyers in prominent locations.  We're very proud to have their support! 
     Visit eTreasures and see for yourself all the wonderfu, page-turning novels available.  You'll be very glad you did.  www.etreasurespublishing.com
     Come join the fun!  Learn just how difficult a task writers have at honing their skills and talent.  It isn't just putting words on a page!  Far from it! 
Vickie Kennedy
eTreasures Publishing

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