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[Coweta Arts Tidbits] Website Created For The Film "Black Warrior's Curse"

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October 3, 2008

Website Created For the Movie Black Warrior's Curse


     One of the most interesting things ever to happen at a meeting of the Coweta Writers Group was when its Guest Speaker Joe Harless announced that he had written a novel,

Black Warrior's Curse.  It was published soon afterward


     Then it was back in the news again when it came to light that the film rights had been purchased by a Hollywood movie producer.  When I excitedly told him about this, a cynic replied with a huff, "That just means the producer has the RIGHT to make the movie, it does not mean that he will do so!!".


     Well, the cynic was wrong because a website has just been created for the making of the film.  Here it is --

     There is not much on it yet -- it has just been created.  Here is what you will see -- the name of the man doing the Screenplay (Terry Chase Chenowith), the name of the novelist (Joe Harless) and the names of the Producers (Jack Robinson and Terry Chase Chenowith).  The Year is given as 2009 and the Genre is Drama.
Cinema » Titles » B »

Black Warrior's Curse

Year: 2009
Genre: Drama

Terry Chase Chenowith

Joe H. Harless

Jack Robinson
and Terry Chase Chenowith

All the other categories on the page are left blank, except for the Technical Details section, which says this very interesting thing about Location:

technical details

     That is interesting -- the Filming Location is GEORGIA, not Alabama, where the story takes place!!  Will the city be Newnan??  Stay tuned to find out!!  or visit the website for  yourself!

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