Wednesday, May 16, 2007

[Coweta Arts Tidbits] Jim Gilbert To Autograph Books at CABSE

Coweta   arts   tidbits
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Composed By:  Forrest W. Schultz  770-583-3258
 May 16, 2007
Jinm Gilbert to Autograph Books at CABSE
     CABSE ??  That is the newest kid on the Coweta arts block -- the Coweta Authors Book Signing Extravaganza, to which all Coweta County authors of a published book are being invited.  Thus far seventeen of them have agreed to be there to sign copies of their books and to talk with anyone interested in their writings.  (The total is expected to rise to about 20.) 
     One of these writers is Jim Gilbert, a long time member of the Newnan-based Writers Block where he was helped in getting his books written and published.  His first novel was a humorous paranormal story entitled A Host of Ghosts, which won the 2001 Dream Realm Award for the best speculative fiction.  His latest novel is an international suspense story The Oncde and Future Nowwhich has received good reviews.  Both of these have been published by the Newnan-based etreasures publishing company.  Information about them is available on the publishers website
     The CABSE will be held on September 15 from 10 AM thru 5 PM  and on Sunday September 16 from 12 N thru 5 PM in the renovated Railroad Freight Depot on Main Street in Grantville as a special feature of the New Grantville Days Festival, info on which is available from its Chairman Sandra Luttrell at and 770-583-9013..
    Information on CABSE is available from Forrest Schultz at 770-583-3258 or    

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